Valentines Morning by NyokoEdit

Nyoko's lips pressed forward and the overwhelming passion washed over her. Safe in the arms of her man she pulled her head back to look up at the Captain of the Independence. He was taller then her perhaps by a foot and a half. Though as her soft brown eastern shaped eyes met his they could only smile at one another.

Then there lips met again as there kisses dragged on with passion. Her hands went for the tie that held his hair in place. Giving it a tug she liberated the long jet black hair and it swung freely down his back. Han pressed forward lifting the piete Japanese female captain up to sit her on the desk. Lost in tge abyss of emtion there actions lead from one level of intimicy to the next. Just as thing really started to become hot between the two captains. The intercom tweaked through out the room.

She ignored it as the spell of passion distracted her from whom ever was trying to contact her. Things continued to escalate as she remained pinned to her desk by her belove. Then the tweak came again only louder. This time it was so loud it startled her.

She jerked abit from her lovers arms and then she was suddenly falling. It was long for she hit the floor fairly quickly. When she felt the impact she woke up in confusion. She wasn't in her ready room anymore but in her quarters and on the floor. As she started to realize what had happen the tweak came again.

"Rendino to Captain Honda," her voice came across the intercom.

Then her captain Instincts kicked in and she suddenly became worried she had over slept.

"Computer what time is it?" she asked in the darkness.

"It is currently 0335 hours" The classic ships computer voice answered.

Then she rolled her eyes and commanded the lighting to increase by twenty five percent. Since there was no immediate danger, it was I the thick of the sleep cycle she shook her head in frustration. Her dream was just getting to the good parts too she thought and Liz's voice came across the intercom again.

"Rendino to Honda?"

With a heavy sigh that the passion dream was disrupted. She answered.

"Goodness Beth, don't you ever sleep?" she asked.

"I apologize Captain though this lab result turned really exciting data!" She responded.

Nyoko's sank her face into her palm as she say on the floor in her short and sleeveless undershirt.

"Beth, 3:30 in the morning she reminded her," deciding to leave out the intimate dream she was having. "This better be good commander..."