Under the Cover of Darkness is the second episode of Season 5 for the USS Independence-A. It aired on January 30th, 2012 and was ran by DGM Kossuth.

Plot SummaryEdit

Following the successful war game exercise in Kobayashi Maru, the USS Independence-A was dispatched to Deep Space Nine to pick up a rare and unique device stellar scanner for an upcoming scientific mission.

The device was constructed by the Steiner Institute of Luna, and Dr. Steiner himself would board the Independence to conduct the stellar survey. Steiner soon proved himself to be a difficult and demanding person to work with. But Admiral Brian Donaldson had ordered the crew to help the Doctor in whatever he required.

When the Independence arrived at Deep Space Nine, they picked up a new crew member -- MACO Captain Shannon R. Moore boarded the ship and assumed control of the MACO contingent.

But when the crew went to requisition the device, it was determined to be stolen. The crew immediately jumped into action to hunt down the thieves. Ensign Pirak and Lt. Cmdr. T'Pang beamed down to DS9 to analyze clues in the cargo bay, while Captain Moore interrogated a suspicious Cardassian...

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