"May she dance gracefully amongst the stars." - USS Adagio Dedication Plaque Quote


USS Adagio Dedication Plaque

The USS Adagio (NCC-99691) was an Excelsior class starship in service of the 22nd Mobile. She was commissioned sometime prior to 2410, and was refit to modern specifications in 2411. In 2413, she sustained heavy damage as a result of the final battle of the Pi Canis Campaign and was subsequently scrapped.

Refit and LaunchEdit

Prior to 2411, the USS Adagio sat empty in the Federation "Bone Yard" in the Sol system. The then Rear Admiral Meranda selected the ship for retrofitting, a process which was completed on June 5th, 2411. The ship was launched that same day under the command of Captain Talia.

Early MissionsEdit

The USS Adagio conducted a sweep of the Rolor Nebula on July 23rd, 2411. (Source)

On August 8th, 2411, the crew would initate a Transwarp Drive experiment in the Rolor Nebula.

The Pi Canis CampaignEdit

The Adagio's involvement in the Pi Canis campaign lasted from April 30th, 2413 to June 25th, 2413.


In 2413, the USS Adagio took serious damage during the final engagement of the Pi Canis Campaign. She lost one of her nacelles and the warp core was heavily damaged; as a result, Starfleet called for the decommissioning of the ship. The crew was soon assigned to the Galaxy class USS Adagio-A, which had been re-christined in honor of the crew.

Current StatusEdit

The Adagio's current status is unknown.   No records of the ship exist following the decommissioning ceremony.