Shakedowns is the first episode of Season 4 for the USS Independence-A. It was aired on September 5th, 2011 and was ran by DGM Kossuth.

Plot SummaryEdit

At the end of the last season, Admiral Brian Donaldson assumed command of the USS Independence-A and appointed it the flagship of the 22nd Mobile Fleet. In the six months that followed, he oversaw the outfitting of the ship and new crew assignments. He chose Fleet Captain Devon Scott of the 7th Fleet to take command of the ship.

Shortly after it was launched from Earth Space Dock, the Independence recieved word that the Borg may be trying to invade the contested Romulan Daise system. Several miniature transwarp conduits were spotted in the system, prompting the Federation to dispatch a battle group. The Independence is ordered to proceed to the Daise system at once to reinforce the fleet.

Previous Mission: Against the Clock

Next Mission: Answering the Call, Part 1

Other NotesEdit

This was the first episode ran by DGM Kossuth.