Lieutenant Junior Grade

Lieutenant Junior Grade Rank Insignia

Lieutenant Junior Grade

Lieutenant Junior Grade (often abbreviated to lieutenant J.G. or simply J.G.), is the Starfleet line rank immediately inferior to Lieutenant, and superior to Ensign .

Officers at this rank typically hold support positions on starships and starbases. At this rank, they have begun to prove their ability to perform acceptably in Starfleet, and typically begin to take on more senior roles in command situations. Typical posts at this rank are conn officer, communications officer, or second officer of a shift (see lieutenant). It is also the rank bestowed on medical doctors and counselors (but not nurses) upon completion of their studies and training at Starfleet Medical Academy or elsewhere. This rank acknowledges the additional time required to become commissioned.


It is proper to introduce a Lieutenant Junior Grade as such, but officers of a lower rank should refer to this individual as a Lieutenant.