The sun in the system HVN-998.

HVN-998 is a star system on the edge of Federation space, located in the band of star systems that make up the dividing line between charted and uncharted space. It is home to a super-dense star that is a gateway to a pocket dimension controlled by The Order. The system has several rocky planetoids that are devoid of life.

It was first charted by the USS Merrimac in 2362, but the system was never given a formal name. The system was left untouched until 2415, when the USS Independence-A arrived to test Dr. Steiner's Transphasic Stellar Scanner. (Episode: Sacred Ground). Through the use of the scanner, the crew discovered that it was indeed a gateway to another dimension.

The crew would return in the USS Endeavour to explore this new dimension. (Episode: In the Blink of an Eye).

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