Admiral Brian Donaldson transfers the command codes to Captain Tanaka Hann. The crew stands at attention in the background.


The Endeavour leaves Earth Space Dock.

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Endeavour is the sixth mission in Season 5 for the Independence/Endeavour Crew. It aired on February 27th, 2012 and was run by DGM Kossuth. The events of this episode took place on February 20th, 2415.

This episode had guest-star appearances from Captain Nyoko Honda, Werner Winterhagen and Brian Donaldson.

Plot SummaryEdit

The episode began with the crew materializing on the Engineering Deck transporter pad of the USS Endeavour. Captain Tanaka Hann had arrived earlier and was diligently tinkering with the engine systems.

The crew were greeted by Captain Nyoko Honda, Werner Winterhagen and Admiral Brian Donaldson. After talking briefly, and gathering the Captain, they proceeded onto the bridge.

Much to the crew's surprise, they met Engineer Krystin Chen on the bridge, who had been working on the Endeavour for quite some time. It became apparent that she was the best candidate for the Endeavour's Chief Engineer, and was promptly given that position.

Shortly after, Admiral Donaldson conducted a formal change of command ceremony in which he transferred command codes to Captain Hann. Hann asked Donaldson to give the order to take her out; and so, Admiral Donaldson ordered Helmsman DiMarzio to clear all moorings and take her out of space dock.

As various ESD personnel (including Admiral Arak) waved to them from Starship Requisitions, they departed. Donaldson ordered a course set for Pluto, Warp 2.

Meanwhile, Ensign Pirak explored engineering and familiarized himself with the systems. He also helped a wayward Ensign re-polarize a defective plasma coil.

Once the Endeavour reached Pluto, Donaldson, Honda and Winterhagen were picked up by the Ayanami. They wished the crew well as the Endeavour went to maximum warp, heading right for HVN-998 and the difficulties that await them...

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