Chasing Ghosts is the third episode in Season 5 for the USS Independence-A. It aired on February 6th, 2012 and was ran by DGM Kossuth.

Plot SummaryEdit

After interrogating the Cardassian, they found out that he was little more than a stooge for an organization called "the Syndicate." The Cardassian didn't know much about his employers, but he had a datapad with encrypted information that led the Independence to the world of Leonis 5.

Leonis 5 is an independent settlement, not part of the Federation, and home of the Syndicate. The Independence sent MACO Captain Shannon Moore, Dr. Bell, Ensign Sonak and Lt. Cmdr. Vorath down to the surface.

The away team beamed down to the planet incognito. After talking with some colonists, they determined that the Syndicate basically runs all the criminal operations at the colony and sometimes the Syndicate uses a news terminal to give out jobs. They investigated the news terminal and found that the Syndicate recently moved their base, and scavengers were picking apart the ruins.

The away team went to the old Syndicate base and found a few scavenger teams trying to collect anything valuable. The scavengers were clearly hostile so the away team neutralized them and secured information about Syndicate bases in the area.

The away team then proceeded to a Syndicate communication tower, which was being attacked by scavengers as well. The scavengers were defeated and the away team engaged the weakened Syndicate forces. The away team then accessed the comm tower, and found the location of the hidden Syndicate base.

The hidden Syndicate base was built into a cave, and was obviously half-finished because of the rubble lying everywhere and the exposed lava flows. The away team fought their way to the bottom floor of the base, where they found the stolen Federation stellar scanning device. It was fully intact.

Throughout the mission, T'Pang was providing scans and advice from the Independence.

With the device secured, the Independence must actually use it....

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Other NotesEdit

This mission involved a very lengthy Foundry episode.