Rear Admiral Brian S. Donaldson
RA Donaldson 2315
Rear Admiral Brian S. Donaldson


Rear Admiral, Upper Half










Earth, New York City


Rear Admiral Upper Half


22nd Mobile Fleet CommanderSMALL


FULL NAME: Brian Scott Donaldson
CURRENT RANK: Rear Admiral, Upper Half
CURRENT ASSIGNMENT: Chief of Starfleet Security
SPECIES: Human (Italian/Scottish)
AGE: 52
DATE OF BIRTH: October 8th, 2365 [Stardate: 43374.73]
PLACE OF BIRTH: New York, New York, Earth
PARENTS: Captain William Donaldson (Federation Police Service, Retired), Dr. Theresa Vitelli (Daystrom Institute)
MARITAL STATUS: Widower; married RN. Holly Donaldson 2393-2410
CHILDREN: One. Alternate Future Timeline, Jacen Scott Donaldson (Born. August 17th, 2410)
QUARTERS: Starfleet Command, Room 3208
RELIGION: Catholic
CITIZENSHIP: United Federation of Planets


HEIGHT: 1.73 meters,
WEIGHT: 89.81 kilograms
HAIR COLOR: Black/Graying


Academic Institutions AttendedEdit

  • Primary and Secondary Education, New York, New York, Earth
  • Starfleet Academy (2382 - 2386)

Service Schools AttendedEdit

  • Starfleet Special Forces School


  • Starship Command Certification
  • Junior/Senior Bridge Officer Certification
  • Starship Tactical Certification
  • Science Team Leader Certification
  • Tactical Team Leader Certification
  • Engineering Team Leader Certification
  • Survival Certification
  • Starship Operations Training
  • Starship Security Training
  • Advanced Firearms Training
  • Special Forces Training
  • Assault Training
  • Close Combat Specialist

Languages Edit

  • Federation Standard
  • Klingon (Modern, Qo'nos Dialect)

Apptitudes Edit

When Donaldson enters a room, he immediatly commands respect. His extreme sense of duty and loyalty rub off on all those he serves with. His exceptional ability to lead by example has earned him many friends in Starfleet. Donaldson is a born Captain and natural leader. Believing that Starfleet needs to get back to it's roots in exploration and scientific research, he prefers First Contact missions over combat. However, he has extensive training in Klingon Matial Arts, Advanced Firearms, and Special Forces Combat/Tactics.

Starfleet Academy RecordEdit

Honors: Yes
Academic Major: Military Science
Professional Major: Flight Control Specialist
Professional Minor: Security Specialist
Class Year: 2386
Class Rank: Top 10%
Reprimands: 0
Commendations: 8
Athletics: Fencing, Mok'bara, Bat'leth Combat, Track
Activities: Klingon Combat Team, Marksmanship Team


Service HistoryEdit

Awards, Commendations, RecommendationsEdit

  • 1 [Starcross] - Rescue of Civilians and Ship's Personnel. | Stardate: 70628.53
  • 1 [Purple Heart] - Injuries sustained during Andorian Uprising. | Stardate: 70628.53
  • 1 [Federation Citation of Outstanding Service in the Line of Duty] - Rescue of Civilians and Ship's Personnel. | Stardate: 70628.53
  • 5 [Commendation for Bravery] - Rescue of Civilians and Ship's Personnel. | Stardate: 70628.53
  • 1 [Commendation for Exceptional Service] - Rescue of Civilians and Ship's Personnel. | Stardate: 70628.53
  • 1 [Commendation for Distinguished Service] - Rescue of Civilians and Ship's Personnel. | Stardate: 70628.53
  • 1 [Commendation for Original Thinking] - Rescue of Civilians and Ship's Personnel. | Stardate: 70628.53
  • 1 [Grankite Order of Tactics, Class of Excellence] - For exceptional service during the Battle of Pentath. | Stardate: 84241.53
  • 1 [Commendation for Loyalty] - For exceptional service during the Battle of Pentath. | Stardate: 84241.53
  • 1 [Commendation for Attention to Duty] - For exceptional service during the Battle of Pentath. | Stardate: 84241.53
  • 1 [Commendation for Meritorious Service] - For exceptional service during the Battle of Pentath. | Stardate: 84241.53
  • 1 [Medal of Valor] - Successfuly securing Hawkeye 002 Facility | Stardate: 88003.88
  • 1 [Citation for Exemplary Service] - Command Excellence | Stardate: 88003.88
  • 2 [Citation for Exceptional Skill] - Taskforce Command Excellence | Stardate: 88003.88
  • 1 [Citation for Bravery] - Exceptional execution of duty | Stardate: 88003.88

Demerits and ReprimandsEdit



Personal HistoryEdit

Before his assignment to the U.S.S. Resolute, Brian Donaldson's career was largely undistinguished. Applied for early enrollment to Starfleet Academy in 2382, during the rush for officers due to the state of disintegrating Federation/Klingon/Romulan relations. It was here that he began his friendship with Klingon Captain Braxus, Son of Ba’ruk, that friendship would last until the Battle of Pentath in 2406. Captain Braxus was an instructor at the Academy and head of the schools Klingon Combat Team. Graduating 31st in his class, his first assignment was as Helmsman on U.S.S. Philadelphia under Capt. Selek.

Promoted to Lieutenant 2 years later for satisfactory service and time served. Following this, Donaldson applied to switch from operations to security division. Donaldson attended the Starfleet Special Forces School at Fort Brag. Due to exceptional scores in marksmanship and ground tactics, he was recruited by U.S.S. Resolute's Security Chief, LT Cmdr. Anthony Portolano. Following the transfer Donaldson was assigned to the ship’s famous Security Team Alpha.

In 2393, the Resolute was sent to mediate the devastating political uprising on Andoria. Several of the Resolute's crewman were taken hostage along with 22 Federation civilians during the Peace Talks. After 6 civilians and LT Cmdr. Portolano were executed, Capt. Sean Anderson authorized Donaldson's rescue plan. After the Successful rescue of the hostages, including First Officer Chelik, Donaldson was decorated with the Star Cross, and promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

It was 6 years later, in 2399 that Donaldson was named First Officer of the U.S.S. Lexington by Capt. Ahmed ibn al-Abbas. 7 years after taking the assignment, the Lexington was sent to the Pentath System along with eight other ships from the 4th Fleet. Starfleet Intelligence received reports that the Klingons were preparing for an Invasion of the much disputed Cardassian System. Donaldson contacted his long time friend in the KDF, Capt. Braxus to see if the rumors were true. His communications went unanswered until two days later when the Klingon Fleet, twelve ships led by Capt. Braxus, warped in system. Dispite facing overwhelming odds, the Starfleet task force successfully repelled the Klingons at Pentath. Donaldson fired the fatal torpedo that destroyed Braxus's ship. Most other systems in the Archanis Sector didn't fare as well. The Klingon/Federation War had begun.

For his exception service during the Battle of Pentath, Donaldson was awarded the Grankite Order of Tactics and Starfleet Command offered the command of the new Luna-Class U.S.S. Independence to Cmdr. Donaldson. Promoted to Captain, he was posted to Fleet Daedalus Omega, Sol System.

In late May 2410, the Independence was sent as head of a fleet taskforce to the planet Alpha Zero Zero Six. There they encountered an as of yet unknown culture and was attacked defending the Starfleet facility there. The Independence suffered severe damage and was forced to be mothballed and Donaldson was awarded the Medal of Valor for his service. Since that fight, Donaldson has had an unquenchable vendetta against the culture known as Raiders, pushing himself and his ship into the forefront of any mission pertaining to them. 

Having proven himself a capable leader, Donaldson was promoted to Rear Admiral, and assigned to Command the 22nd Mobile.  During Donaldson's tenure as Fleet Commander, the 22nd Mobile was instrumental in several major engagements, including the rescue of Deep Space 9 from the 2800, the Klingon Civil War, and more recently the stabilization of relations with the Romulan Republic.  Howver, in 2417, Admiral Donaldson was asked to take on the position of Chief of Starfleet Security.

Hobbies and InterestsEdit

Admiral Donaldson spends most of his limited free time reading one of the many books in his collection, studying battle strategy, and exercising.

He enjoys playing Chess, Strategema, and recreating historic battles on the Holodeck. He still keeps up his studies of Mok'bara and Bat'leth combat that he learned while at the Academy. Donaldon has intensive and strict physical fitness routine to keep his body in peak physical condition.

Notable PossessionsEdit

Donaldson owns an extensive collection of antique leatherbound books.


Medical NotesEdit

Next of Kin: Captain William Donaldson [father]
Blood Type: O-Negative
Dates and results of tests and screenings:

  • July 24th, 2382 - Passed Starfleet Academy pre-admissions medical examination.

Major illnesses and surgeries, with dates:

  • 2405 - Left Forearm Amputation 3 in. distal from elbow due to Andorian disruptor blast. Biosynthetic replacement procedure performed by Dr. H. Frances on-board U.S.S. Resolute.
  • 2406 - Third Degree plasma burns to Right Lower Quadrant of ABD. Dermal Regenerator 74% successful in reducing burn scars.

List of medication, dosages and duration of prescription: Admiral Donaldson takes no regular medications.
Allergies: Donaldson is allergic to Cordrazine.

Psychological NotesEdit