The Borg Invasion of 2414 consisted of a full-scale attack on the Federation by the Borg Fleet. Appearing first in Deferi space, they quickly made their way toward Deep Space Nine. Like the first two encounters, this attack consisted of a single cube. However, this cube was roughly 8 times larger than previous cubes, and appeared to be constructed of 8 cubes joined together.

The first ship to encounter them was the USS Okinami, which attempted to stop or at least slow down the cube. Unfortunely for them, the cube continued seemingly undaunted, and disabled the Okinami as it passed by.

The other ships in the 22nd, the USS Adagio and the USS Independence-A formed a defensive line between the Cube and Deep Space Nine. Along with the two ships, every available ship in the sector was called to defend, including both Federation and non-Federation ships. During the battle, a number of ships were disabled or destroyed, but in the end the Cube was elimintated.