The Federation Combat Ineffective Ship Yard (also known as the "Bone Yard") is a repository for damaged or decommissioned ships that have not been fully scrapped. In times of need, the Federation often takes usable parts from these ships. Some ships are on long-schedule repair timetables that render them combat ineffective but not so damaged that they would be stripped for parts.

The Bone Yard is located just outside of the Sol system in interstellar space. Ships are kept relatively stationary with a large-scale magnetic field.

Notable Ships in the Bone YardEdit

  • The Excelsior Class USS Adagio was formerly a resident of the bone yard until it was refit by the then Rear Admiral Meranda. The ship would re-visit the bone yard for decommissioning, after it was damaged beyond repair as a result of the Pi Canis Campaign.
  • The USS Valiant is currently residing in the bone yard on a long-term repair schedule. The ship has officially been moved to the reserve list pending its repair.